UW partners with EMS to combat out-of-hospital cardiac arrest


Dr. Josh Glazer was interviewed by WISC Channel 3 yesterday about this week's interdisciplinary ECPR simulation training with UW Health providers and local first responders. Watch the video here: https://www.channel3000.com/ems-partners-with-uw-to-combat-cardiac-arrest/

EMS partners are learning how to identify in the field if a patient meets the criteria for ECMO, a life- and brain-saving therapy ❤️

Dr. Glazer explains just how crucial the partnership between trauma teams and first responders is in activating ECMO protocols: "Of those people who experience sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, your chances of neurologically intact survival - that is going home to your family the same patient you were before the arrest - is roughly 400% higher than the national average."

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests affect roughly 350,000 Americans each year with less than a 10% survival rate.

Dr. Ryan Thompson, Medical Director for the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program, notes that innovative simulations like this are helping to push the envelope of patient care and test complex systems BEFORE they go into place.

A full album of photos from the training can be found here.

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