Residency Program Coordinator Elected to National Leadership Role


Congratulations to DEM's Residency Program Coordinator, Sarah Fallon, who has been elected to serve as liaison to the Board of Directors for the Council of Residency Program Coordinators in Emergency Medicine, a national organization that provides the resources and develops best practices for residency/fellowship programs across the United States. Sarah will also serve as Vice-Chair of EMARC (Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators) for the 2020-2021 tenure and Chair for the 2021-2022 tenure.

Sarah joined the Department three years ago as residency program coordinator and quickly took on the enormous task of running an emergency medicine residency program of 36 residents. Her experience and ability to lead complex teams have allowed her to successfully serve the Department of Emergency Medicine and greater UW Health system, and we wish Sarah the best in her new roles.