Recent Publications from the Department


The following scholarly articles were published by Department of Emergency Medicine faculty and staff from December 2019 to February 2020:

1. Beck AP, Jacobsohn GC, Hollander M, Gilmore-Bykovskyi A, Werner N, Shah MN. Features of primary care practice influence emergency care-seeking behaviors by caregivers of persons with dementia: A multiple-perspective qualitative study. Dementia. 12 February 2020.

2. Stahl CC, Collins E, Jung SA, Rosser AA, Kraut AS, Schnapp BH, Westergaard M, Hamedani AG, Minter RM, Greenberg JA. Implementation of Enstrustable Professional Activities into a General Surgery Residency. Journal of Surgical Education. 8 February 2020.

3. Thrasher TW, Rolli M, Redwood RS, Peterson MJ, Schneider J, Maurer L, Repplinger MD. 'Medical Clearance' of Patients With Acute Mental Health Needs in the Emergency Department: A Literature Review and Practice Recommendations. WMJ. December 2019; 118(4): 156-163.

4. Burns W, Hartman N, Weygandt PL, Jones S, Caretta-Weyer H, Grabow K. Critical Electrocardiogram Curriculum: Setting the Standard for Flipped Classroom EKG Instruction. WestJEM. December 2019.

5. Jewell C, Tillman D, Kraut AS, Hess J, Westergaard MC, Schnapp BH. Post-Interview Thank-You Communications Influence Both Applicant and Residency Program Rank Lists in Emergency Medicine. WestJEM. December 2019.

6. Gilmore-Bykovskyi AL,...Shah MN, Zuelsdorff M. Recruitment and retention of underrepresented populations in Alzheimer's disease research: A systematic review. Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions. 2019; 5: 751-770.

7. Schnapp BH, Fleming E, Kraut A, Westergaard M, Batt RJ, Patterson BW. Maggots, Mucous and Monkey Meat: Does Disgust Sensitivity Affect Case Mix Seen During Residency? WestJEM. December 2019.

8. Schnapp BH, Ulrich K, Hess J, Kraut AS, Tillman D, Westergaard M. Misunderstanding the Match: Do Students Create Rank Lists Based on True Preferences? WestJEM. December 2019.

9. Moore AB,...Shah MN, Sun BC. Frequency of Abnormal and Critical Lab Results in Older Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Syncope. Academic Emergency Medicine. December 2019.

10. Schnapp BH. Diving In: Experiential Learning about Research. WestJEM. December 2019.

11. Shappell E, Schnapp BH. The F Word: How “Fit” Threatens the Validity of Resident Recruitment. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 2019; 11(6): 635-636.

12. Norman RS, Shah MN, Turkstra LS. Reaction time and cognitive-linguistic performance in adults with mild traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury. 2019; 33(9): 1173-1183.

13. Carayon P, Hoonakker P, Hundt AS...Pulia, M, Patterson, BW. Application of human factors to improve usability of clinical decision support for diagnostic decision-making: a scenario-based simulation study. BMJ Quality & Safety. 27 November 2019.

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