Pediatric ED receives donation of next-generation Wispr digital otoscopes


Our pediatric emergency department at University Hospital is now equipped with innovative Wispr digital otoscopes through a generous donation by WiscMed. This a next-generation medical device is changing the face of pediatric care.

These devices will help reduce the need for close contact between our Healthcare Heroes and patients while improving patient care using an ultra-high quality micro camera and EMR integration. The huge benefit is that the device allows for the provider conducting exams to be much farther from the face of a patient than do standard otoscopes, reducing risk to the practitioner and patient while providing a significantly higher quality image.

Wispr delivers unparalleled views of the eardrum in even small or partially obstructed ear canals. This device will greatly benefit the care we provide to our pediatric patients by helping to make their exams more comfortable, faster, easier and more accurate!

We thank Dr. Jim Berbee '2014, WiscMed, and everyone involved in continually advancing the care we provide to our patients while ensuring the safety of our providers and staff.

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