NBC News: UW Hospitals and Clinics roll out COVID-19 antibody testing


NBC15 News: UW Health is now offering COVID-19 antibody testing that can help people find out if they have been previously infected by COVID-19. In a video interview with NBC15 News in Madison, Dr. Jeff Pothof, DEM emergency physician and chief quality officer for UW Health, discusses what the test is, how it differs from COVID-19 testing, and who should be tested. Full interview...

Health providers say that patients' insurance company will be billed for a blood draw and antibody testing. Under the CARES Act, health insurance plans cannot assess a cost share to their members.

UW Health is offering the antibody tests in the following locations (patients are required to make an appointment):

  • University Hospital (600 Highland Ave)
  • UW West Clinic (451 Junction Rd)
  • UW East Clinic (5249 East Terrace Dr)
  • The American Center Hospital (4602 Eastpark Blvd)

To schedule an appointment:

  • Log in to your MyChart account at uwhealthmychart.org and schedule an appointment.
  • Those who do not currently have a MyChart account can sign up by going to at uwhealthmychart.org and selecting “Sign Up Now.”
  • Those unable to sign up for a MyChart account can call (608) 720-6161 to schedule.