Medical Student Education

The BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine warmly welcomes all medical students. UW Emergency Medicine faculty, residents and staff are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for emergency medicine with students at all levels of training to ensure a rewarding student-centered experience.

We offer a variety of opportunities for students, based upon individual interests. Some students may shadow for a single shift, while others choose to engage deeply by enrolling in our simulation-based advanced elective. This innovative rotation allows students the unique opportunities to manage critically ill simulated patients and develop real-time decision-making and teamwork skills.

Interested in Emergency Medicine and want to learn more?

  • Fourth-year medical students may opt for a one-month elective rotation in EM.
  • Third-year students may participate in an elective, two-week introductory rotation.
  • Pre-clinical students are invited to be part of the Ambassador Program, which provides an opportunity to connect with patients, families and the health-care team in a liaison capacity.
  • All first-year medical students rotate through our department as a part of the Upstream from the ED experience.
  • Through the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG), students will get exposure to Emergency Medicine, can participate in high yield, hands-on workshops to learn critical Emergency Medicine skills such as airway management and bedside ultrasound, and will get EM-specific advising.

We aim to create a learning environment that emphasizes one-on-one teaching as well as graded responsibility and independence.

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