EMS Fellowship

Accredited EMS Fellowship

Emergency Medicine is pleased to sponsor a one-year ACGME-accredited fellowship for Emergency Medicine graduates interested in any and all aspects of Emergency Medical Services – medical direction for ground transport, disaster preparedness, event medicine, tactical EMS, advocacy, QA/QI and research. Since taking the first Fellow in July 2015, this program has blossomed into a rich experience that will prepare graduates to flourish in the rapidly expanding role of an EMS Physician, and to pass the ABEM EMS subspecialty exam.

This Fellowship is perfect for the Emergency Medicine Physician with a passion for expanding their sphere of influence beyond the Emergency Department, and a desire to start improving the care provided to sick and injured patients before they even arrive at the hospital. We believe that the future of EMS will be strongly dependent on well-trained, highly motivated Medical Directors with the vision and passion to change the way healthcare is delivered. By immersing the Fellow in an incredible variety of experiences and allowing time for exploration of individual interests, it is our goal to provide the experience and practical knowledge required for success in all areas of out-of-hospital medicine and disaster preparedness.

The core component of the UW EMS Fellowship is practical experience with ground transport EMS services. The Fellow will be scheduled to perform ride-alongs, online and offline medical oversight, QA/CQI activities and EMS advocacy at the local and State levels for 35-40 hours per week. This experience will provide the Fellow with comprehensive, hands on experience in ground transport of patients of all ages and with multiple skill levels of providers.

The operational experiences are supplemented with administrative, academic and research components as well. The EMS Fellows participate in the NAEMSP Medical Director Course, contribute to County- and State-wide committees, publish in EMS journals and teach all levels of providers in Dane County. And our affiliation with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health provides access to unparalleled clinical researchers and educators.

While exceptionally busy, the Fellowship is still flexible enough to allow time for self-directed projects. There are opportunities for additional experience with Law Enforcement, the UW Emergency Education Center, the UW Clinical Simulation Section, as well as aeromedicine with UW Med Flight.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to work closely with core prehospital faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine, including:

Michael Mancera, MD Ryan Wubben, MD
Michael Lohmeier, MD Michael Steuerwald, MD
Megan Gussick, MD Michael Kim, MD

Thank you for your interest in the University of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services Fellowship. If you have any additional questions or would like to apply for a Fellow position, please contact EMS Fellowship Director, Dr. Michael Mancera.

Associate Medical Director, EMS
Medical Director, FitchRona and Middleton EMS
Assistant Professor (CHS)