Clinical Simulation Fellowship

Clinical Simulation Fellowship

For Emergency Medicine residency graduates interested in developing skills in clinical simulation, the University of Wisconsin BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine sponsors a fellowship in simulation education. The program was established in 2014 and prepares graduates to be experts in the field of simulation education within academic Emergency Medicine.


During this one-year fellowship, participants will gain skills in the creation and execution of simulation-based learning experiences, including underlying theory, research, as well as debriefing and technical skills. In addition to training at the University of Wisconsin, you will have support to attend the Comprehensive Instructor Course hosted by the Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard University, which is the standard of excellence in Simulation Education. Extensive teaching opportunities for medical students, physician assistant students, and Emergency Medicine residents will allow you to hone your skills and develop your own teaching style. Simulation fellowship trained faculty will conduct "debrief the debriefer" sessions after observing teaching to provide real-time constructive feedback. Curriculum development will also be a key component of education skills covering during the year.

Simulation can be utilized for more than education, and interested fellows can participate in departmental and institutional quality improvement and process development initiatives as well, including in-situ simulation.

UW Health Clinical Simulation Center

The UW Health Clinical Simulation Program’s 6,400 square foot facility located within University Hospital is a versatile space with a highly talented staff ready to help develop any possible scenario or learning program.  Through the UW Simulation Program, the opportunity for interprofessional and multi-departmental program development is nearly limitless. Fellows will also gain experience managing a very active Department of Emergency Medicine Simulation Program through participation in our departmental Simulation Committee.

Clinical Work

Fellows will continue to develop their clinical skills through a combination of clinical shifts at our busy 60,000+ visit academic Emergency Department, as well as shifts at our community site at Beloit Memorial Hospital, and our satellite hospital at The American Center. Those with interest and experience may also participate in the Med Flight Program.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Michelle Hughes at

Director of Medical Simulation
Assistant Professor (CHS)