Resident Life

Madison (known as ‘Madtown’ by locals) is a very lively city in south central Wisconsin and a great place to live, work and play. Downtown Madison is situated between lakes Mendota and Monona, which offers a unique combination of aquatic, outdoor and urban activities. Madison residents can enjoy windsurfing, sailing and water-skiing, excellent restaurants, an active theater community, and a great local music scene. Currently we have residents who participate in local sailing clubs, sports leagues and multiple social groups. Please join us in reading a little about life as a UW Emergency Medicine Resident!


Residents enjoy close working relationships with off-service residents, fellows, and attendings during their off-service rotations as PGY1s and PGY2s. While in the ED, residents present their patients directly to their EM attending, which helps develop a culture of open discussion and learning throughout the ED clinical experience. Being a part of the UWEM Residency Program means that you are part of the larger Emergency Department family, and you are treated as such by our excellent nurses, techs, and unit clerks! The combination of these factors makes our ED a unique place to work, learn, and grow as a physician.


Emergency Medicine tends to attract people who “work hard, play hard,” and our program is no different. Residents in our program take advantage of the many benefits Madison and the surrounding area have to offer. We frequently gather after work for group dinners, drinks at one of the great local bars, or concert at one of Madison’s many concert venues. We also run together in local road races or marathons, play a round of golf at one of the local courses, and enjoy various water sports on lakes Monona and Mendota. And though the winters can be cold, that’s no excuse for staying inside - the Madison area offers top notch skiing, snowshoeing, and ice-fishing. The University also offers great amenities, including exercise facilities, B10 sporting events, and other campus events throughout the year. We find no shortage of fun things to do in our spare time!

In addition to the day-to-day work in the ED, our program finds other ways to foster resident bonding while educating us at the same time. For example, funding is provided for each resident to travel to national conferences. This provides an incredible opportunity to learn more about your fellow classmates while also enjoying a new city and attending lectures by the foremost experts in our specialty. During annual Residency Retreats, we spend time on wellness activities and bonding with residents and faculty in a low-stress environment.