Azita Hamedani MD, MPH, MBA

Associate Professor
The Distinguished Wisconsin Endowed Chair of Emergency Medicine
Yale University
Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern)
Med School: 
Yale University
Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency - Emergency Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital




Azita Hamedani MD, MPH, MBA is currently Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health.  Her current interests include patient flow, quality management, physician-hospital integration, as well as health care finance reform.  Prior to returning to her home state, she was on faculty at Harvard Medical School and completed a hospital administrative fellowship (focus on quality management) at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Hamedani completed her residency/chief residency in the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency program at Brigham & Women and Massachusetts General Hospital and is a graduate of Yale College and Yale School of Medicine & Public Health.


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