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3+1 Fellowship

University of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine 3 + 1 Program

The University of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine Residency Program offers both a traditional three year residency program and an optional addition year. This innovative 3+1 program is intended for residents interested in an additional year that allows flexibility for pursuing clinical, academic, and/or personal interests.

Residents seeking this option will complete their residency program in three years and then enter a one-year fellowship. The type of fellowship will be determined based on resident interest and department needs. Interested residents should have a clear idea of their goals and should ideally approach Residency Leadership by September 1st of their PGY3 year.

Who is eligible for the 3+1 program?

Currently this program is offered to University of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine residents only. It is not open to external candidates.

Who should consider a 3+1 program?

Any resident who would like an additional year of training to pursue clinical, academic, and/or personal interests should consider this program. For example, a program can be developed under traditional fellowship areas or new, innovative academic areas.

How much will I be paid?

Compensation for the 3+1 year is extremely competitive, often more than twice as much as national standards for PGY-4 year and accredited fellowships.

How many shifts will I work?

Fellows will work approximately eight clinical shifts per month. Moonlighting opportunities exist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Emergency Department, Med Flight, and Beloit Memorial Hospital. Additional compensation is provided for moonlighting.

Where will I work?

Work opportunities for fellows exist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC), UW Health at The American Center, Med Flight, and Beloit. This depends on interest and availability.

How do I apply?

If interested in the 3+1 program, please inform Mary Westergaard, MD (even if tentative interest) by September 1st of PGY3 year. In order to create an opportunity and tailor a fellowship program, it is helpful to know as soon as there is potential interest.